Do You Have The Crypto Factor?

Book that Peeks into the minds of insiders and what it takes to succeed in block-chain.

FACT: “By the time you’ve finished reading The Crypto Factor, you’ll know more about what it takes to succeed in the cryptosphere than 98 percent of so-called investing gurus – guaranteed!”

  • Do you want to discover what it actually takes to succeed in the cryptosphere?
  • Do you want to learn from some of the most respected and successful global influencers?
  • Do you want to discover the mindset of the greats? To learn how you can achieve financial freedom while avoiding the dangers and pitfalls of crypto?

Keep reading if you want to know what 98% of people in crypto don’t know – even the so-called gurus.

In The Crypto Factor, international business consultant Paul Democritou and blockchain communications expert Blaise Mathai talk to the experts, dig deep, and discover what it actually takes to succeed in life and in crypto.

You will learn directly from the experts themselves:

  • What it took to get where they are, and how can you get there too
  • How you can avoid the dangers and pitfalls of crypto on the road to success
  • Why some failures are actually your ticket to success
  • How to gain the financial freedom that you and your loved ones deserve.

Includes exclusive insights such as:

  • An introduction to Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Expert, as The Voice of Bitcoin
  • Pandora’s Box with John McAfee, Pioneering Cyber security Maven, 2016 & 2020 US Presidential Candidate
  • The Spirit of Enterprise with Roger Ver, Bitcoin Angel Investor and Bitcoin Evangelist,
  • Bitcoin All the Way with Tone Vays, Bitcoin/Blockchain Researcher, Consultant Content Creator & Derivatives Trader
  • Blockchain in Every Pocket with Derek L. Jones, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder / UnitedCoin C.E.O.
  • The Future of Money with J.R. Willett, Inventor of the ICO, Omni Mastercoin Founder, ICO Designer for UpToken
  • A Maelstrom of Opportunity with Nicholas Merten, (DataDash) YouTuber focused on Cryptocurrencies, Data Analysis & Market Trends, International Speaker
  • When the Bitcoin Bug Bites with Josh Rosenblatt, SVP of Development & General Counsel at BTC Inc
  • Do What You Love with Brian D Evans, Founder of Influencive, Blockchain Influencer of the Year 2018
  • Old Kids on the Blockchain with Haydn Gittemeier, Early Adopter
  • Educate, Communicate, with Naomi Brockwell, Film/TV Producer, Host of NBTV
  • Grow Your Knowledge First with Charting Man Dan of The Chart Guys, Stock Trader, Trainer and Technical Analyst
  • Gotta Have Chispa with Catalina Castro, (Tech Con Catalina), Blockchain education on Social Media and YouTube
  • Focus on Functionality with James Lee (JL777), Lead Developer of the Komodo Platform
  • Philanthropy on the Blockchain with Calvin Bradley, CEO of Blockchain for Change
  • Do Good Stuff with Joel Comm, Author, Speaker, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Evangelist, Co-Host of The Bad Crypto Podcast

Get your copy of The Crypto Factor  now, and join the crypto revolution today.

WARNING! If You’re In, or getting into, Crypto and You Haven’t Read This book, You’re Already Falling Behind.

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