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With over 25 years in sales / marketing and video production expertise, working with some of the most successful people and businesses around the world. As well as some of the most brilliant minds in the crypto industry. I can help you take your startup, project, or company to the next level. Contact me and lets get started.

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Discover How to Succeed in Life & Business With The Only Book That Includes Action Plans For You to Succeed as an Entrepreneur.
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All topics are tailored to fit your needs, your staff needs and your audience needs.

Expert Sales Training

Watch as Paul transforms your sales team into sales force to be reckoned with. Learn everything from how to effectively meet and greet clients, to nullifying objections before they even come up, and using body language to increase your sales to new heights. Your team will find more clients and close more deals overnight.

Success Method Mindset

Success begins and ends in the mind. Listen as Paul talks about his time as a performer, and method acting, to illustrate the tricks of the trade that produce confidence and energy. Join in this interactive training session that will boost your sales and business performance, and leave you hyped up for success.


Paul Democritou also specializes in Blockchain sales and marketing. Working with some of the most successful pioneers and infleuncers worldwide as well as working as a CMO and advisor to blockchain companies and startups. Paul has the experience and network to help you succeed in the cryptocurrencies space.


Who I am

Paul Democritou, a powerhouse author, entrepreneur, and consultant, has been training sales and marketing teams on consumer psychology for more than 25 years. He was the youngest and most sought-after sales and marketing trainer for some of the largest timeshare companies in Greece. After a career as an entertainer and video producer/director, he returned to his passion and pivoted into sales, marketing, and video production for companies in and out of the blockchain industry.

Paul has worked and continues to work with several major blockchain projects, influencers, and start-ups. His intensive Marketing Mastery Coaching teaches businesses how to create and apply their marketing Playbooks and Game Plans to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing. 

In 2016, Paul was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – cancer. He wrote the book Success I.A.O that was born as a result of vision and passion to help others succeed.

Paul’s books include The Closers Part 3, written with living legend Ben Gay III, Success I.A.O, How To Sell a Pen-Really, The Crypto Factor interview series with some of the most influential pioneers in the crypo industry, as well as The Crypto Marketing Playbook.

What People Say About Me

Paul showed flawless cooperation, formality, zealousness and ethos. He trully is a remarkable person and inspiration and we highly recommend him for any type of cooperation be it motivational or sales orientated.

Theodore Chouliaras

BOD President, Upmaritime London LTD

Paul had the right work ethic, the right values. and the drive and ability to succeed many times over. I’d watched his videos and read the early manuscripts. So it was a pleasure to both write the foreword for his book and to begin work on writing Closers Part 3 with him.
Ben Gay III

C.E.O. & Best Selling Author, LJR Group, Inc

Paul Democritou is the most inspiring & talented person I’ve ever met. He can easily transform the way you manage your life & business so you can find happiness & success! Even during his disease, he remained calm, strong & creative. Keep on inspiring Paul!
Panos Gounas

C.E.O. , CNC Training Center

“You don’t find success, you create success”

                                        – Paul Democritou

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