Marketing & Sales Expert, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Business Growth Consultant, Blockchain / Startup Advisor.

Sales Training

Paul transforms your sales team into sales force to be reckoned with. Learn everything from how to effectively meet and greet clients, to nullifying objections before they even come up, and using body language to increase your sales to new heights. Your team will find more clients and close more deals overnight..

Blockchain Advisor

Paul Democritou specializes in Blockchain sales and marketing. Working with some of the most successful pioneers and infleuncers worldwide, as well as experience working as a CMO and advisor to Blockchain companies and startups. Paul has the experience, and network to help you succeed in the crypto industry space.

Keynote / Speaker

Whether its success method mindset, sales and marketing mastery,or Blockchain industry success. Paul has the experience and success story that can radiate your audience, fill then with confidence and energy, and leave them wanting more. From the author of The Crypto Factor and The Closers Part 3

Video Production

If you are looking for a corporate or Blockchain video for your website or YouTube channel with a script, and the best s.e.o practices that not only looks good, but converts. or, even a music video that hits the charts. Paul, owns 2real productions and can direct, advice or produce your video for you, and leave you ease at mind.  

Sales Copy

Most websites, especially Blockchain websites look good. But are you looking for a pretty website, or a website that converts? Paul can advise, or direct your website structure and fix your sales copy so that it converts. meaning it works like its supposed to. Meaning, it gets you sales. Don’t leave your website at chance. Hire Paul today. 


Whether you own a startup, a Blockchain company, a hotel, or a business. You need marketing, and you need professional marketing. Paul specializes in conventional marketing as well as guerrilla and video marketing, don’t leave your success to chance. Contact Paul today

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“You don’t find success, you create success”

                                        – Paul Democritou

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