Marketing & Sales Expert, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Business Growth Consultant, Blockchain ICO Advisor.

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If you’re looking for a speaker who can touch the hearts of your audience, challenge and empower them for personal and professional growth, and infuse your people with radiant positive energy. Or if you need an expert to amplify their sales skills and abilities. Then don’t wait. Bring Paul in today so your audience can experience the power of Success I.A.O.

Expert Sales Training

Watch as Paul transforms your sales team into a master closers force to be reckoned with. Learn everything from how to effectively meet and greet clients, to nullifying objections before they even come up, to using body language to raise your sales numbers to new heights. Your team will find more clients and close more deals overnight. N.A.P.S approved and recommended by Ben Gay III (The Closers series). Certification available on request.

Success Method Mindset

Success begins and ends in the mind. Listen as Paul talks about his time as a performer, and method acting, to illustrate the tricks of the trade that produce confidence and energy. Join in this interactive training session that will boost your sales and business performance, and leave you hyped up for success.

Custom talks

Whether it’s talking about the Improvise, Adapt, Overcome mantra of the U.S. Marines, Levelling Up Your Success through gamification using popular video game terminology, or adapting any of Paul’s experience to address your organization’s current issues, get in touch to discuss your needs. Available for Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Retreats, Breakout Sessions and TV or Radio Hosting.

Block-Chain & ICO Advisor

Paul Democritou is also a sales and marketing expert specializing in Blockchain technologies. He was an advisor as well as the CMO and CGO for during their highly successful launch phase. If you need an ICO advisor, CMO or CGO, look no further. Paul is currently working on his new book, Cryptochology: How to Crush It with Cryptocurrency.

Video Production Advisor

By the end of 2019, over 85% of communication on the internet will be video, according to Google. This means if you want to succeed, you need video! Paul has over 10 years of experience with video production in Greece, as well corporate video and YouTube production, working with international companies and award winning artists around the world.

EMAIL: paul(@) 

           PHONE: +30 693-848-8831 

“You don’t find success, you create success”

                                        – Paul Democritou

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