Positive Energy – Are You Really Positive?

Oct 31, 2016 | Success Advice

Hey guys, how are you doing, I’m back home for those of you that don’t know the situation I was in hospital for over a month I had a bunch marrow transplant, it was stem cell transplant same thing. And just fighting cancer man, so that was a lot chemotherapies in there then I got the operation. I’m back home now I was I’m home for about a week but I really didn’t have any energy to do YouTube videos or videos in genera. l still get energy drops I’m not really one hundred percent yet but hey it is what it is.

Well what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is positive energy and energy in general right now a lot of people it’s a fact, they talked about this and positive energy and it’s cool they talked about a lot and they call these energy places yeah but, you gotta be ready to be positive and have positive energy when shit goes down and what I mean about, that I’ll tell you from my own experience. You’re going to be positive when you go bankrupt like I did in the past you know when I lost my nightclub and another business I had at the time and then we lost everything inside from the beginning again after that as well.

You gotta have positive energy when you learn you have cancer, I mean I had 52, when I got cancer after my long embolism and everything, everything was going well, my career was going up like this and basically, I had a long embolism, I went to hospital, I was in the hospital for while they told me I have cancer and they weren’t very nice about it, they were nice about it after. But it was some dangerous shit when someone tells you, you have aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and your survival rate is fifty two percent or fifty six percent for five years and 50 something percent, 52-percent for 10 years. And now we talk about survival rates another time because you know it might scare you, don’t let it scare you off I’ll talk about it in another video.

But, be positive there, when you’re in the hospital and suddenly you’re rushed up to the 8th floor, I can’t remember which floor it was in and you get chemotherapy all of a sudden. And you know your hair falls, your eyebrows fall, your eyelashes fallout after all and you’re thinking fuck me I don’t know if to live or die. You gotta be positive, now I was the most positive person in there and you know and I have history of depression, I have a history of panic attacks and you gotta still be positive, you have to stay positive. And really it’s a mindset that anyone can do and it’s a habit.

So it’s about 66 days if you are 66 days if you smile every day, scientists say it becomes a habit now some habits take longer to form, some shorter, but you can become a positive person I’m gonna do another video on that cos there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s all in my book by the way success IAO which stands for Improvise Adapt and Overcome. It’s coming out soon, but uh yeah it’s not just about saying you’re positive and going to all these energy places. It’s actually being positive inside, being able to laugh, being able to know that you’re gonna be okay and know that you can you know remake everything you lose even your health you know.

I could have stayed six seven months worrying about shit and you know crying or whatever but I one time, I studied I started online business you know so that I won’t lose six seven months out of my life once I come back. And even though business went to hell after a while, I lost a lot you know, I lost opportunities, I lost the business I was doing, I was making a lot of money. And it’s a shame and it’s funny because you lose a lot of people you think that will be there for you but you find new people that are there for you and it’s kind of weird. They say you find out who’s your enemies and who your friends are and I will do a video about this and you don’t. You find out which of your friends and which of your enemies have values in a good heart. I’m home, this is my office by the way my home office. Subscribe to my YouTube channel by the way I’ll be doing a lot more videos on business, on mindset on success, I’ve been doing some reviews about some products that they may be of hand. I’m sorry I get energy drops sometimes, my white cells did go down even more, I went to the hospital then get a checkup. And they actually dropped, I guess my blood is still toxic, they don’t think it’s because my cancer has returned, they think it’s because of toxicity because it is a very strong chemotherapy even before the transplant and then and so yeah that’s probably the reason just a place where I keep my books and stuff.

What can I say then you got my TV then if I keep on going around, that’s my those are my soft box lights my home studio light is a DSLR camera right there on the stand and then I got my normal desk I work at. Those are the notes I have to go through to get my work done and then I got my computer on the side right here. And, basically that’s my, down here I have my green screen my white screen my black screen if I need them, they are for traveling and also my standing desk which I use and I’ll be using it more. That’s basically my home office where I work from. Anyway, guys I’m gonna see you soon, subscribe to this YouTube channel I’ll be doing a lot of videos and thank you for the support and I’ll see you guys soon take care bye

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.




Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


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"You don't find success, you create success"

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