Do Friends Abandon us? How to Focus On Your Strengths.

Nov 9, 2016 | Success Advice

Today we’re going to talk about; do you find out who your true friends are and who your enemies are in times of need? We’re going to talk about my fight with DJ the Boy and we’re also going to see how all this fighting and everything can translate in the business world stay tuned.

Okay YouTube so they say you find out who your true friends are and who your enemies are in difficult times. You don’t find out who your friends and enemies really are, you find out which people that are close to you, whether their friends or enemies in disguise have values. An example is; I had a fight with DJ the Boy, this was many years ago and we’ll talk about that in a little bit. DJ the Boy contacted me he was concerned with my health, he was concerned with everything and he told me he actually offered some things, his help, he offered to take my parents somewhere here you know I never expected this. I also never expected him to be to have so much faith which I also have.

It’s crazy I did not expect him to call, I did not expect him to contact me and be genuinely concerned and that was emotional for me I mean I was really happy about that, it meant a lot. Other people have done that too, don’t get me wrong, but I just want to talk about DJ the Boy because we almost going to fight a real fight the yeah you know I’m not talking about you know like verbal fight, push and shove, I’m talking about we’re gonna knock each other out man, we’re looking for each other was looking for each other but if we saw each other, let’s put it this way; if we saw each other back then somewhere, we both have the type of character that if we do get into a fight, we’re going to finish it.

I was very surprised he contacted me even though you know that that that fight was squashed we kind of like became acquaintances, not friends, but acquaintances, we kind of became acquaintances, we saw each other in clubs, we saw each other in shows and we just happened to play together in the show and we kind of like fixed everything but it’s funny, it’s really funny how things turned out. So my fight with DJ the Boy back in the day when everything happened on forums I remember it was in, I used to write there and saw DJ the Boy and other the people as well. I think everybody in the hip-hop community used to and I can’t really, he said something stupid after I said something stupid I can’t remember who started it or whatever, but we both went back and forth and I called him hey okay, DJ the kid you know get real or something like that and he got pissed off and there was threats and everyone wanted to see us fight and everyone was talking about it.

It was funny man and we kind of figured it out and everything but this would have been a fight man if I saw him as I say we fight now, who would have won that fight? Because a lot of people who have asked us you know and a lot of people were wondering. First of all, DJ the Boy just so you can know who he is, he’s like a three times D.M.C. champion, he’s a DJ, he is very good, he is very known you know, you should check him out you know, google DJ the Boy, don’t know his website right now. Now let’s say we got into a fight with DJ the Boy, now I’ve done martial arts, he’s done martial arts. Now, I’ve been fit and I have been big and I’ve been unfit and so was he so other times I was fitter than him and other times I was out of shape and other times he was out of shape. Now at other times I was training, so it all depends when we bumped into each other. If I got into a fight with him today now he would probably kick my ass I mean the truth is, in my condition especially, I get very tired, I get tired from talking right now and it’s also dangerous if I get into a fight yes, so and I’ll explain a little bit about this in a second because it’s important.

But my point is, if I got into a fight with him today, I have to use luck to my advantage what I mean by this, what do I mean by this? What do I mean by luck to my advantage? I would try and put myself into an advantageous condition or atmosphere. For example, if I see if it’s nighttime and I see a car with lights, I will get be in front of the car so the lights on him I’ll see him better he’ll see me less. I know that I can’t move around a lot because I get tired, I’m tired now. So I can’t do like this shit yeah so I will have to sit there and conserve my energy and try to get a lucky hit and try to make my hits count. I would have to I would try to get him on a slippery part of the road or pavement and or wet pavement and that would put myself in a more advantageous position. I would try to push them in the middle of the road maybe he gets hit by a car.

But the truth is, if he tried to, he might have slipped. That would have been lucky for me, he might have not seen my Punch coming in from the side because of the lights behind me that will be lucky for me. Somebody might have split up the fight, I would have tried to also go where there’s people so they can split up the fight. The reason being; up to like a month ago, if I got cut, I’d be screwed. I was taking on blood thinners injections every day because I had a long embolism I could get in the, I could get internal bleeding it’s very it was very dangerous to me. Now I cut those like a week ago but I’m not allowed to get blood transfusion in any Hospital, I have to go to specific hospitals and get radio activated blood because of my transplant, my stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant depends on what you want to call it. So it’s very dangerous for me, I’ll try and avoid it, now what I’m trying to get to is; is it luck? Because, if he slipped but I put him in that position yeah it’s luck, but I put him into that position what that means is that I was prepared.

Now what is luck? Luck is preparation meets opportunity. Luck is the same thing in business you know you have to be prepared you know it’s preparation meets opportunity so when the opportunity comes along, you can take it. What does that mean? studying yeah you know you have to have knowledge you have to be ready to be able to cope and do what you got to do in order to succeed you know. So you have to study you have to have a broad you know, you have to have broad knowledge, read many books. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in adding to your strengths, you know you have natural traits and you have traits that you learn, if you’re told that’s a natural trait, you can use that to your advantage in life.

There’s no reason trying to be I don’t know someone who dribbles the ball, when you’re tall you can take three pointers and dunking here yes. so I would practice, as a basketball player, the coach would teach you how to dunk and maybe take three shots and use your height to your advantage it’s a natural trait and natural strength. Then you have strengths and traits you learn, if you start studying every single thing and try and be a jack of all trades and try to do everything, you’ll be average. If you try to; like some directors I see and producers, they tried they tried to be the director, the DP, the producer, the production manager, the guy that is in casting I don’t know, you know they try to do everything together and they try to learn everything to save money, but what they’re doing is; they’re becoming average at everything. But if they concentrate just on directing and production for example directing and editing even better, you know they can become exceptional and that’s how you can reach large heights and become really good you know. But don’t try and do everything, is very wrong, focus on your strengths. It’s like playing a video game, like a role-playing game. You have a character yeah and this character, you have different strengths, dexterity, speed I don’t know intuition, strength and what you do is you have and when you picked your character, you have some natural higher strength you usually add to these strengths and you use this character in a certain way to dominate in the game. You don’t just put one or two points and everything, you get slaughtered, you’ll be average at best at everything and you won’t get anywhere so you have to focus on your strengths you have to be lucky and lucky as; preparation meets opportunity.

So study, get ready, look for good network, meet people you know don’t just go out to any club, go to clubs that you know people that you want to know that you need to know are there, so you can network with them you can get to meet them and don’t just sit at home all day, playing computer games. Study you know, watch seminars, hit subscribe down there because I’m coming out with new videos all the time when I come up with free seminars I’m working on a podcast, it’s like six and a half hours. It’s getting edited right now and I’m going to have a podcast section here on iTunes, on my website I’ll put the link below to my website, you can also visit it by going to and yeah man just hit subscribe I’m telling you you’re gonna get a lot of cool information from this video’s.

Hey DJ the Boy, when you see this video you know, I’m going to get better, I should be able to get out the house after December, like after January I’m sorry because right now with my white cells are still low and it’s very dangerous for me to see people I cannot get sick okay, it could be fatal. So after January when I can get out man, that’s her that back you know let’s go for lunch and dinner I’m gonna see you man and thank you, I really appreciate you know, your actions, I was surprised, singinithika, in Greek and thank you man and if you want you know we can fight and see what’s up, what’s up, I’m just kidding man, but uh yeah man thanks a lot I really appreciate it. As for all you, stay tuned and then come back soon I will be making more videos and yes stay cool and I’m going to say it again; hit subscribe, hit subscribe you know, hit subscribe, anyway take care, stay safe and talk to you soon bye bye.

Until next time… Keep Succeeding!


Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.




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