How nonverbal cues can affect sales

Jun 15, 2017 | Sales Tips

Everyone knows that first impressions count: They’re the stuff that can make or break your interactions with current or potential clients. And you’re being evaluated nearly every second, and in every way. So how do you master those non-verbal gestures so that it’s what you say (and what you’re selling) that matters?

For starters, it really is important to walk the walk—literally. Standing up straight, making eye contact, and avoiding body language that implies nervousness or fear are paramount. That handshake can rattle or reassure, too: It must be firm and matched with eye contact and a welcoming look on your face. Approach new and familiar people with firm action that conveys the strength of your convictions.

Of course, there are other actions you can take, especially during face-to-face meetings, that can impact the impression you give. That runs from showing up on time to having a clear focus to your gathering. What else matters? This graphic can help.


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   10 Non-Verbal Gestures and Movements That Can Make or Break a Sale Header


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