How to Become Successful Really!

How do you become successful really? I am asked this a lot, and as you may know I wrote a book on how to become successful a couple of years ago called Success I.A.O. It's a book on success mindset and what it really takes to achieve success. What you may not know is...

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Books All Entrepreneurs Must Read in 2018

In this post I talk about some books all entrepreneurs must read in 2018 to succeed in life and business. Now Ill leave a list below with the links to those books if you want to just click on them and check them out straight away. But I do advise watching the video...

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Why Your Friends Determine Your Success

Listen if you want to know how to become successful in life, you need to know that your friends may be holding you back from your success. Here's why your friends determine your success. Thank you, and until next time... Keep Succeeding. Paul...

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Should You Follow Your Passion to Succeed in Life or NOT?

Should you follow your passion to succeed in life? In this video I may not say what you think I will say. Thank you, and until next time... Keep Succeeding. Paul -------------------------------------------- Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing...

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Should You Drop Out of College to Succeed in Life?

Many success gurus are telling you to drop out of college to succeed in life and your probably wondering if you should drop out of college. This video will explain a few things that you may NOT want to hear. Check it out! Thank you, and until next time... Keep...

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.



Patience is NOT a Virtue.

Listen patience is no more a virtue than impatience is. You have to be both if you want to succeed in life and i explain how and why in this video. Enjoy! If you know someone that you believe will benefit from this video then please share it with them. You will both...

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Why Keep Your Goals A Secret.

In this video I talk about when and why should you keep your goals a secret. Many of us share our goals only for them to be slammed by others and make us rethink and second guess ourselves. While this may be beneficial there are many instances which it is very counter...

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“You don’t find success, you create success”

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