The Most Important Sales Skills You Need. "The most important sales skills you need to know." Here are the most important sales skills you need to know to succeed in sales. Whether you work for a business or you are into entrepreneurship. There are Important skills in sales you...

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Sales Tips and Tricks Are For Losers. Sales tips and tricks are for losers. The marketplace is filled with so called sales gurus and wanna be closers giving various tips and tricks on how you can increase your sales. This is a problem with very few exceptions. Meaning half of...

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Success in Life and Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos Interview with Andreas Antanopoulos about Bitcoin & Success! How to have success in life and Bitcoin with crypto entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos. Interview the voice of bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos about what it really takes to...

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.



How to Close the I Have to Talk with my Spouse Objection

In this video we are going to cover how to close the I want to talk to my spouse objection. or, I need to ask my spouse objection. There is nothing worst that getting to the end of your presentation and your potential client says. I need to ask my wife! Although your...

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Books All Entrepreneurs Must Read in 2018

In this post I talk about some books all entrepreneurs must read in 2018 to succeed in life and business. Now Ill leave a list below with the links to those books if you want to just click on them and check them out straight away. But I do advise watching the video...

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What is FUD and what is FOMO

What is FUD and What is FOMO in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Terminology. What does FUD mean and what does FOMO mean. This is something we hear a lot on YouTube and social media and in this video I will explain what this cryptocurrency term means. Thank you, and until...

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The 7 Books Every Entrepreneur MUST Read.

What are the 7 books every entrepreneur must read for success. These are the best business books every entrepreneur should read and is a great collection to put you on the road to success. The video has a secret giveaway so make sure you watch till the end and answer...

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How to sell a pen – Sell me this pen.

    How many times have you gone to an interview and the interviewer said "sell me this men"? After the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street , Jordan Belfort says "Sell me this pen" I will show you how to really sell a pen in this video and explain the true...

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Patience is NOT a Virtue.

Listen patience is no more a virtue than impatience is. You have to be both if you want to succeed in life and i explain how and why in this video. Enjoy! If you know someone that you believe will benefit from this video then please share it with them. You will both...

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