Sales Training Video – How To Close The I want To Think About It Objection.

May 7, 2017 | Sales Tips

In this sales training video we are going talk about how to close the dreaded “I want to think about it objection” When a client says he wants to think about it or think it over it is one of the most difficult objections he can give you. It basically means you did not do your presentation right! you supposed to close this objection early on and not try to close it at the end.

Don’t worry, many sales guru’s get this wrong and suggest all kinds of crap closes for this objection, watch the video above and learn how to close and sell more starting today.

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.


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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


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"You don't find success, you create success"

                                        - Paul Democritou

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