Why Nature has no Opinion About us and Why Do we Love Nature

Dec 20, 2016 | Success Advice

Why Nature has no Opinion About us | Why Do we Love Nature | Kineta

So Frederick Nietzsche says; we like being in nature so much because Nature has no opinion on us. And right now I’m at my beach house, I just want to across the road, my house is on the other side. But I was thinking, we like being in nature so much because Nature has no opinion on us, it doesn’t judge us, it accepts us for who we are, what we are and what we represent. We don’t have to act, we don’t have to wear a mask, we can be ourselves, it will accept us for ourselves. And that’s extremely… if you think about it, it’s a very interesting… some sheep coming, if I turn around the camera right there, I don’t know if you can see him right in the background right over there somewhere.

I finger over here I’m sorry I wasn’t pointing at you, I was just pointing at the Sheep. If you can see the sheep, goats, sheep whatever they are but anyway we just parked the car opposite the house so we don’t have to open up the park and everything and that’s basically that’s my house my beach house basically and we came up here with my dad to get some stuff. Actually, I’m allowed at the house but I’m not allowed around people I can’t get sick because of my white cells being so low, so I’m allowed at the house, that’s fine but I can’t be around people so it’s kind of hard but this little helps when it needs fixing up I know and the view we’re on the mountain here in Kineta if you’re wondering, Ano Kineta and basically yea were halfway up the mountain so you can see if you keep on going up, you reach the mountain and then if you keep going down that’s where the beach is. It’s pretty cool, I spent a lot of summers here but I like fishing and walking in nature because it has no opinion on us. I like to think and you know be myself and regulate my thoughts and it’s pretty cool you know. And I have another video about patience, about being impatient to start with patience to finish something like a project.

Well you know being in nature it helps a lot you know thinking and regulating our thoughts and kind of like learning patience. If you fish like I do, you learn how to be patient and you have to learn how to be patient but not forget to be impatient well this is not the video. But I just boil up because I was fishing and you know I like the way I said the other day I was fishing it’s the same day it was just a while ago, this is the next video because I wanted to take a break tomorrow. So I’ll be honest with you guys, lets shoot two videos in one day and if you’re all wondering what happened that day, about fish if I caught any fish, I did not.

I fished for about 20 minutes, I read and I didn’t feel like it that much, I just wanted to chill out you know relax get out the house it’s been the first time out the house in northern hospital. Until now the last few months it was hospital-house, hospital-house, actually it was a hospital all the time for more than a month then house all the time but just hospital for check-ups you know. And that’s why but yeah guys so think about that nature, we like being in nature so much because nature doesn’t have an opinion on us. I guess that’s why we like people that don’t judge us and people will accept us who we are and no I guess no one can do that more than nature yeah. Okay guys take care and until next time keep being successful, stay successful and yeah I’m out, take care.

Until next time… Keep Succeeding!


Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


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