How to Become a Consultant and Make Money!

Dec 20, 2016 | Success Advice

How to Become a Consultant and Tips to Become a Consultant by Paul Democritou

Hey everyone, how you doing? Today’s video is a quick video about how you can become a business consultant. Now this video is actually made because one of my subscribers on Facebook, actually one of my followers Malvina Rrapaj I think it’s pronounced Rrapaj I’m not sure, I’ll write down up here and you just tell me if it’s if I’m pronouncing it right in the comments below. She’s actually studying in Finland, business management and she wants to become a business consultant, like a sales trainer or consultant or she just wants to know how that can be done and she asked me if she’s studying, if she needs to study for that she’s studying the right thing and she might be studying economics now come to think of it but here’s what’s going on. First of all yes and no.

You don’t need to study in University, you can do it without it. A lot of top trainers and consultants in the world haven’t even finished school, I haven’t even finished high school and I’m a business consultant I’ve been consulting pretty large business companies and that’s why she got in contact with me, she saw my CV. But yes, she basically and you do as well because if you have a background in finance or business management or at least you studied it, that leverages you, even more, you know what you’re talking about. You know, you mean we study even don’t get me wrong, you know people, consultants we’ve studied a lot, we may not finish University or whatever but we sit there and have studied we’re self-taught.

Now if you have a paper and if you actually go to university, it’s even better. Just make sure you study it though and you learn it, not just do the motions you know just to finish you know university though if you know what I mean. And you can also use that time there to network, remember networking is everything and I have another video about that. The second thing you need is know how to sell yourself and what I want to do is advise you to watch my sales training videos for that. Now, when it comes to establishing itself as a business consultant or any consultants as that matter, even if it’s a fitness consultant or anything is basically to become an expert in your niche and become a recognized expert. And to do that, you need to socially market yourself and I mean social marketing, I mean, you know first of all Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, yeah. All these three should be utilized to help you and advertise you as a business consultant.

The second thing is YouTube, what I’m doing right now and all you have to do is give free advice with value, whether it’s your own or other peoples’ so that you’re a go-to person on that niche or your go-to person for that kind of advice. So if you’re if you want to establish yourself as a YouTube expert, your YouTube channel will be talking about how to grow your channel and everything and you will use your social media to leverage that, your other social media channels to leverage YouTube channel and vice versa. Now, there is a way how to convert to sales and everything but that’s for another video. What you want to do now is build up your social platforms. So you’re building up, for example, let’s grab YouTube and you’re building it up by doing YouTube channels and giving it. Now the good thing is you can study it and repeat it so you’ll learn it but also give your advice on it. So in about a year, not only have you learned to then giving advice on this and you have a following, but at the same time, you have enough information to even write a book. So all you do after a year is either get all your videos transcribed or you write them out yourself and you have a book and use that for leveraging. At the same time, you have a blog so you write what you’ve learned, so you say what you’ve learned and you write what you’ve learned. So you’re learning, even more, it sticks even better in your mind but it also leverages yourself out and you’re expanding yourself as a consultant. And the third thing is, you’re basically establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Now, all of a sudden you have a YouTube channel with followers, social media channels in general and the book. So now you have a book that you can use as a leverage and now you have a bio, you have a CV so you’re out of university even if you don’t have a job yet as a business consultant but you have a background in business management or finance which is what you studied. Now you can go to companies say yeah here is my book, you know, take it you know and you can use that to get your foot in the door you can also do it the way I did, you can give some free advice and free training or what I actually said from the timeshare industry and I kind of expanded out of the timeshare industry because I was known in the timeshare industry.

But you can you can go to companies and pretty much say; listen I can you know I’ll provide you one seminar for free, one session for free and then if you want we can continue, as long as I can take a video of the session for example and just use that even if they don’t expand or don’t take you on the rest of the sessions. You have a video that you can use on your website, your blog or YouTube channel. So basically you can use that and you just that’s all you do now another thing that you have to do and we all been through this is to study like. Now I know you already studying for finance and everything and you do you have to utilize your time properly and use it to study. Study what Grant Cardone does, what he does as a consultant sales expert.

Study what Tyle Lopez does and what he did. Study all you know, basically get your favorite person, your favorite consultant and use them as an online mentor and learn from him and just pretty much copy or emulate what he’s done because it worked, it’s a formula. Ok so if you have any questions go ahead and comment below and I’ll answer them ASAP. Now sorry I didn’t get back to the answer earlier, I did have some issues I was going through and I did do some of the videos before I know but you know I kind of got not sidetracked, but some things happened that I couldn’t avoid and lost some time. But talking about time, I’ll stress this again Malvina you too and everyone that is watching, you can all listen to this advice too. Utilize this advice effectively and study, study, study.

The only difference between me and you doing what I’m doing is knowledge, just learn it. It doesn’t matter if you were doing it before, it doesn’t matter if you learned, just knowledge. Acquire the knowledge, you have time to for this, stop watching TV a few hours a day, study you know, make it a hobby, make it a passion, become obsessed, use your free time to make that blog, learn how to do it. Use WordPress, it’s free, you can expand later, use YouTube it’s free you can use your iPhone I’m using my iPhone to make this video and I have a smart microphone hooked up for better sound which goes straight to the iPhone it’s myiRig Lav Mic, I’ll leave it in the description below. It’s very cheap, I think it’s like thirty dollars, forty dollars on amazon.

You can you use Facebook it’s free, use twitter it’s free, use LinkedIn it’s free and just you know establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Write a book, if you can’t write a book now because you don’t have time I understand that, just write and talk about what you’re learning in University and write and talk about what you’re learning in business consulting and how to become a consultant and The Millionaire messenger, I can’t remember the author’s name buy that book, I leave a link to that in my description as well. It tells you exactly how to do and expands on everything on how to it. It was advice to me by my mentor Mr. Mario, so it’s a great book, I have the audio book and the book and basically you will… it will take you to another level. It’s very easy to do it and you can do it in Finland, you can do it worldwide, you can do anywhere you want and if you have… you know take the first steps, don’t think about the later on and you don’t over-complicate things, just start and micromanage it on the process because perfection kills production. You know, if you look at people’s first YouTube videos, they suck. If you look at their first seminar, they suck, their first public speaking they are not as good. You know rappers and singers their first time you know when they first started out, they are not as good. It takes a lot of years to become an overnight success and that’s what people do not understand.

Anyway, subscribe to this YouTube channel I will be doing more videos check out my other videos on sales, my podcast on success. And I’m trying to give out information and help people succeed, you can read about my story and why I’m doing this and go ahead and share this video if you think it will help people and if you have any questions to whoever it is just comments below, I promise I will answer every single one of them. And I will even expand with a video on some of them okay so take care and…..

Until next time… Keep Succeeding!


Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.




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