Sales Training Video – 3 Great Closing Techniques For More Sales.

May 7, 2017 | Featured, Sales Tips

Watch this sales training video above  with 3 Great Closing Techniques For More Sales. This video talks about what words to use in your presentation repetitively and why, these words will subliminally close and brainwash your clients into higher closing rates at the end of the presentation.

The alternative close and how and when to use it. This is VERY powerful and you must use it on ALL your sales presentation whether you are selling on the phone or face to face. And it talks about the If sharp angle close variation which is a must when pricing and solidifying the deal .

These are very powerful closes and when they are used together properly will amplify your sales and get you many more deals. Make sure you watch the whole video as there are hidden gems and many times surprises within!

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Thanks you, and until next time… Keep Succeeding!


Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.


The Ultimate books on sales:

The Closers by Ben Gay III and the The Closers 2 by Ben Gay III
The Closers 3 Coming soon!




Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


EMAIL: paul(@) 

           PHONE: +30 693-848-8831 

"You don't find success, you create success"

                                        - Paul Democritou

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