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Introduction to achieve success.

Hi, my name is Paul, Paul Democritou and welcome to the I.A.O course. Initially, I actually wrote a book called IAO success. Initially, this course was going to be about the book and expand on the book but I decided not to do that and it’s a couple of reasons why. First of all let me explain something about the book and about this course that is very different than your normal courses. First of all before I even get into that let me congratulate you, you just took one step on reaching success. Yes, now, I.A.O success, IAO stands for Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. And basically, the fundamentals of gaining success is; you have to improvise the situation, adapt to your situation and overcome any obstacles that are in your way.

This is actually a marine term used in the military, it was taught to me by my mentor Rick which I would mention later on in this course. Now what’s different about this course and what’s unique? Everything is impromptu, everything is said on the spot, I don’t have anything written down, I haven’t practiced anything and I never do. I do have some keynotes, various notes, it’s live so you would see some hiccups and mistakes it doesn’t really matter but its natural, it’s real and it’s feasible. And you will become successful if you follow this course. Now, when I say you have to improvise, adapt and overcome, a lot of people talk about oh you have to ignore the obstacles, you have to fight and do whatever you have to do, it’s all talk.

I actually wrote this book, I wrote this course while fighting cancer, so through chemotherapy, through agony, through pain, through emotional stress, as a matter of fact, I got out of chemotherapy a week ago. So I’m still striving, still working and still trying to pass information to you guys so you can do the same. Hopefully, you won’t have cancer, but you might have other struggles, other things you have to get by, yes! So before I get into this, let’s define success, what is success? Because success is not only money, success is money, it can be family, it can be overcoming a situation, it can be traveling or doing a gym live, it can be charity work you’re getting into, it can be making the best sport you can and body building or gym whatever.

Success is defined by each person, how they think. Now during the book that I wrote in this course, I would be defining success mostly as obtaining wealth because I’m pretty sure that’s it and it just makes everything more organized. So who am I? I earlier said I’m Paul, I’m a business man, I was a business man, I was in time show all my life. I taught sales, I taught podiums, taught master closing techniques, I was a born salesman, as a matter of fact, when I was a kid, I use to sell my toys. My dad actually use to bring toys, he use to travel a lot because of his business and I use to actually sell them. I use to open up sweet shops in my room and try to get my sister buy sweets, take sweets out of the packets and put them in a little packets and dress them up, yes I love sales.

And I was born in England, I came to Greece when I was 11 years old. I came here, I had a lot of comic books with me for example, I actually sold those books door to door, I noticed that I used closing techniques when I was a kid, because when I was going door to door selling these comic books, I use to sell them on a niche on how, I didn’t sell here, buy a comic book from me, I sold as in okay you’re your kids have to learn English, why not give him a comic book and I remember some of the objections, they use to say well they can just go to school and learn, they can go after school, this thing called for the studio in Greek, I can’t remember what’s called in English. Private tutoring, I told them yes but there is no fun in that, you know, you have to learn and teach them entirely and I was 11 years old, 11 and a half.

So I got into sales and I was working all my life since I was a kid even though I never finished school, I was actually kicked out of school a couple of times. I just never used to be able to follow the lessons in school, the teachers, even though I never studied and I use to pass, at some point I didn’t. The point is there’s passion and obsession involved and a lot of people will tell you follow your passion, you can or you can become obsessed with what you’re doing, we’ll get into that later on in this course. But I got into Time Share when I was 14 years old, 15 actually, almost. I started by doing surveys on the road, going up to people asking them questions about how they take their holidays, trying to get leads for the company. I became so good I had my own team after a while, at some point, they tried me in tele marketing.

When I went into telemarketing, I was so good, they put me into telemarketing directive and I was just 15 and a half. But I was begging to get into sales, I wasn’t given the chance by my boss back then, at least not when I was 15 and half. He did become my mentor later on in life, his name is Mr. Mario and I will explain this later on in this course as well. But at 16, he did give me the chance to go into sales, so I go into a Time Share deck, I just followed whatever they told us in the pre meeting, he was inspirational, this guy was a motivator. This guy would walk into the office and people will be like wow, he had that wow effect. All I did was mind him and do what he said, I got my first sale and that’s how I got into sales, went on to become the best salesman in the company, later on I did more sales and I traveled, even wen to Iran, went to Time Share companies with him, I had pretty much made him a lot of money but I never had money.

See it’s a very big difference between making money for the people and making money and accumulating money for yourself. Two different philosophies, and it’s a very big mistake that a lot of people make. So that said, well, what I do not want to do to you guys is talk, acting like a victim in cancer, as you can see, I’m standing here, I’m giving this presentation and basically, okay, I’m getting very tired, you have to forgive me, many times you’re going to see me breathing heavily, getting tired, I may get a little dizzy but you have to bear with me on that. But it’s not about being a victim, see I believe and I know that no matter what condition you are in, you have to make it work for you.

What do you need to become successful? You need quite a few things; you need mentors, believe it or not, you need mentors.

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Now there is different types of mentors you can find, there are different places you can find them, in today’s age especially. The first thing is real mentors, I was lucky enough to get a few mentors in life so there is real mentors yes. Now there is online mentors, so what are online mentors? Tony Robins, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, these are all people that speak online, these are all people that give free advice plus paid advice. Do we pay for the advice they have, yes, believe me it’s worth it, well that’s beside the point. You probably already know this because you invested in this program, in this course that I am doing. But online mentors is something we never had before in history. You have your online mentors, then people write books and these are your mentors as well. People that write books on success, people that write books on sales, marketing, whatever you need, you can find mentors in there.

Historical figures, Genghis Kan can be a mentor, Alexander the great can be a mentor you know, all these people; San Tzu which actually The 48 rules of power is based upon, he can be a mentor. Historical figures, read their biographies, find out what made them successful, find out their mindset. You would notice that there is a pattern in all of us, in all people that are successful, there is a pattern that it follows. Moving on, let’s talk a little bit about role models, now role models is a bit different, could be the same, I use it differently. What types of role models are there? Someone that you look up to, okay. Now in today’s age, who do we usually look up to? We look up to people on TV, it’s true, singers, also true. Now, I’m not saying there are other people that we look up to, yeah, but why am I stressing these two things?

See, it’s very dangerous, when you see a favorite actor doing drugs, they are getting into trouble, they’re talking crap, what kind of a role model is that? But we do get influence by them, we wanna become them. If you watch Scar Face, shit, when I was young, I wanna become scar face, I wanted to become Tony Montana, you know, I wanna be a gangster, why, because I was influenced by it, I was watching the movies, it looked cool. The music meanwhile in the music industry, the way things influences you, it moves you the emotion yeah and they use that to get that emotion out of you so you wanna become him. So That’s one role model you have to be careful, so I urge you, why have a role model of a character like “Tony Montana” in Scar Face and not have someone like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela or San Tzu?

Even though he is a warriors or you know even Genghis Kan, you know. Genghis Kan believe it or not fought those in a mission for God you know, at least he had higher values and that’s another thing we talk about later as well. Music role models, singers, here is a tricky one, they’re on drugs, they go crazy, I was an entertainer you know and it’s a dirty work, yeah, I was an MC as well as other things, we’ll get into that later on, it’s a dirty work. Now, you look at people like all these singers talking crap, talking about being a gangster for example, if you listen to hip hop and what do you do? You become violent, you want to be a gangster, you don’t start acting cool. It is so stronger than message that you start dressing like they do.

Have you noticed, if you listen to rock music, you will start dressing like people you know who listen to rock music. Same with hip hop, you know, you wanna start shooting people, yeah, you start acting tough, you start dressing in baggy clothes, you get influenced by it so these people meanwhile, they do whatever they have to do so you’re getting influenced by it but it’s taking you the wrong path, even if you wanna become a hip hop artist, why not listen someone like Chuck D? All these scar face dreams and stuff he used to make fun of them. Be a good role model, help the children, study, you know, hear positive messages, I’m not here telling you to listen to hip hop discussion, what’s real hip hop or fake hip hop. I’m just simply stating the fact that music would move you just like actors would move you on TV, these are role models.

They do become mentors, it’s a way of mentorship, it’s a way of following, so what you watch, what you believe, what you breathe, what you become obsessed about, your hobbies become you and then you have real people that become your role models. Who are your real people? Real people can become your mentors you see but they can also become your friends. Your friends are role models especially if the guy is a little bit older, he’s the cool kid, there’s peer pressure, people from work, these people they can also sway you in the wrong direction. So what I’m trying to say is you know be careful who your mentors are, choose your mentors but be careful who’s your role model because you will get influenced by them. Let’s move on,

Influenced, how we get Influenced.

There is social influence, what is social influence? Social influence is who you hang out with, who you’re around, where will you go, your peer pressure, when we’re young, there’s more peer pressure in school, as we get older, we have social influence you know about who you hang out with in the bar, what people believe is good and what people don’t believe is good. See, 96% of the people don’t make it, the reason is they get influenced by people around them, by what’s the norm. So what is the norm? The norm is going out for coffee, you know, going out and having fun, going to party, oh don’t study, you only live once, all these stuff, you know you get influenced. Then you get most people influenced believe it or not, they gossip, which is also a bad influence, people talk about other people a lot.

There is a saying: small minds talk about other people, average minds talk about the news and what’s going on and creative minds talk about ideas. 96% of the people is about gossip, having fun, what they wore last night, where they would go, they would make fun of you if your choice is different, just like in school if you study, if you are an elderly kid, that’s pretty much what it’s gonna be in your life if you’re working, if you know you’re not going out and having fun, partying. Then there is TV and News Media, they use negativity all the time. See negativity sells more than happy news, so basically, switch on the TV, all you hear is negative, negative, negative, problems, problems. This all conditions you, this all builds your mindset, I’ll get to this in a moment back again.

Then there is music, yeah but all of these stuff, it programs you, it goes to your subconscious. See, you have your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. And basically, what you keep repeating whether you believe it or not, goes to your subconscious, burst paradigms which you’re influenced by and they control your life without even realizing it. There are many examples of paradigms, and we will get into them later on in this course. We have to reprogram our minds for success and stop sabotaging our minds causing us to fail. If I wake up every morning and call you an idiot, sooner or later, you gonna believe you’re an idiot but whether you believe it or not, your subconscious mind would feel it and at some point when you don’t believe it, even if you don’t believe it…you second guess yourself, we do this to people a lot of the time and we do it for ourselves.

Now if you get up and smile every morning, you know, just wake up and smile, it’s a habit and you become positive. So basically, you program your subconscious, as a matter of fact, scientifically, it takes 67 days or 66 days actually I’m sorry, to program yourself. So if you’re watching news every day, what are you gonna do if they are speaking negative every day? You’re pretty much putting yourself in a disaster.

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Success is born and achieved through inspiration or devastation. Inspiration or devastation, you either gonna get inspired and you’re gonna fight for it….wow I can do this and you get obsessed and do it or you hit rock bottom and no choice and fight your way up which believe it or not, is the most way people actually do it. Now, at this point, I just have to stress to you guys that about 75% of the millionaires out there in America, they made it from zero, from harsh conditions.

The dad gave him money and all that is a myth, look it up, research it, you’ll see that most people make it from the bottom especially today. With the internet, there is so many things available to us, there is no excuse and through crises as well. As I said, inspiration and devastation, let me give you some examples for inspiration and devastation. What could inspire you, a mentor or a role model? You watch a rookie bad boy in the movie, the music you know he’s fighting, he’s beating up people, he’s going through all these problems, he is inspired, with the music in the background and everything yeah, that’s inspiration. Now, let me give you a very real example, let’s take the other way round, devastation, so I was 136 kilos, I was depressed, I split up with my girlfriend and I was devastated, I was very sad, I was crying.

At this point I had experience in my life so I knew what I had to do, yeah. I was devastated, I went to gym, I stopped eating I started intermittent fasting, I started eating only healthy and at some point, I had six packs abs and that was awful devastation now it’s a very simple example, if you wanna get more technical counsel, that’s devastation, you know, I mean it was a very hard hit. But it gave me a bigger goal to continue and teach and help and do things. So fear is another thing you have to overcome, fear can be overcome, okay. I myself for example had panic attacks and agoraphobia. See when I was young, about 17 years old, when I first tried smoking weed, what this did to me at some point, I’ll get into it in a nutshell, I started feeling very paranoid, everything started going real fast and real slow. It was really bad I mean…I thought I was being possessed, I was speaking like I am speaking now and in my head, I could see myself in fast forward, I mean vice versa.

I don’t know what was in that stuff, but it pretty much destroyed me. Now after that, but I also remembered it was when I split up with my girlfriend. See, I guess there are certain things that we are very emotional to that can actually impact us. Now, once that was over, I went to the hospital and there was a whole thing about the psychiatrist and all this, it stuck with me, I had panic attacks, agoraphobia, I was getting aggressive attacks, I started breaking things around me. I would lie in epileptic fix on the floor for no reason. From panic, you know I was really high on tranquilizers, I was on Xanax, I was on Seroxat, I was in all these crap I was seeing psychiatrists for about 7 years, I was addicted to this stuff and it would not go away, at some point, I said it’s enough, in a nutshell, I threw away the pills, because I wasn’t seeing the psychiatrist anymore either, I started getting withdrawal symptoms and they were bad, but I went through it and I learned that fear, when you have panic attack, you fear fear, that’s what I was fearing, I was fearing getting a panic attack believe it or not and I realized that fear if you know what it is, you can get over it.

So I had panic attacks when I was doing time show presentations, I had panic attacks when I went through a round table presentations, I even had a panic attack, that’s agoraphobia when I was an entertainer, you know I saw people from 10 people to 10,000 people. I noticed that you can easily overcome fear once you know what’s fear and how, same with panic attacks, so if you have panic attacks, what is it? and I’m using this example so you can get by your other problems and your other fears, you stop feeling different things, your heart starts beating fast, your body starts sweating, you start getting dizzy, you either feel like running or your muscles get tensed up. All of the ideas, all of these fight and flight syndrome, See back in the days when we were in caves, when we lived in caves, you know, we needed this stuff so if a danger comes towards us and we are in danger, we start sweating which means that someone gets the grip to us, something that gives us a grip and slide away, our heart beats faster which means we can run without getting a heart attack, we can sprint.

By the way, we’re not meant to be runners and marathon runners, we’re meant to be sprinters Were predators, but we can get into that after, we can get into that another time. Our muscles turns out to get stronger, we start getting goose bumps and start expanding for us to look bigger you know so that basically, we look bigger towards our threat, like birds, believe it or not. Birds, they have feathers and they start expanding, cats still the same thing, that feeling you get the goose bumps, you expand that’s so you look bigger to what is trailing us, you look bigger, you look wider. So basically, that’s why as soon as you realize this and you realize it’s normal in a way or you should be anyway, you can get over it, and then you just know it lasts for 15 minutes, 30 minutes tops if you are very unlucky, you can get over it. What happened then is you start realizing that panic attacks you know, okay, today’s world, when we’re stressed, we get them and we don’t know why and that’s why we panic. It feels like you’re getting a heart attack but it’s not. By the way you cannot die from panic attacks, believe it or not unless you fall over a cliff. Then you start needing courage to get over your fear. Now you might tell me, how can you have fear and have courage, well courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what’s right and what you have to do even under the influence of fear. And it’s going to do with taking action. Now, we’re gonna be talking a lot about action in this presentation, a lot… New Episode coming soon, Stay Tuned!

Until next time… Keep Succeeding!


Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert and keynote speaker in Greece as well as a cancer survivor.

Paul’s Book Success I.A.O. is now available on Amazon. Its all about how to succeed in life and business even under harsh conditions and is the ONLY book to include action plans to make money even with zero capital! 1/3 profits go to help people fight cancer.




Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


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"You don't find success, you create success"

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