How to Make Money Quickly in 2017

How do you make money quickly in 2017? In this video I show you how to easily make money right now fast and as a matter of fact the second method I describe is actually a method I personally used to make me six figures and ultimately lead me to success. So enjoy the...

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How To Shake Hands and Donald Trump’s Secret Handshake

How to shake hands for Closers. Donald Trump's handshake is certainly strange to most people but few sales experts know the reason behind it. So how do you introduce yourself? The importance of a great hand shake in sales and business is vital and in this sales...

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The 7 Books Every Entrepreneur MUST Read.

What are the 7 books every entrepreneur must read for success. These are the best business books every entrepreneur should read and is a great collection to put you on the road to success. The video has a secret giveaway so make sure you watch till the end and answer...

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Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset.

There is a huge difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and is the difference between the successful people and the non successful. Watch this video and honestly comment which mindset you are. If you acknowledge this and admit it you are on your road...

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How To Become A Ted X Speaker With Mathy Lisika Minsende.

This video is about how to succeed as a Tedx speaker and and how to become a public speaker with Mathy Lisika Minsende "The future of Work is childsplay" Mathy is a career and lifestyle motivator. She helps creative minds embrace who they truly are. She is the founder...

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Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, business consultant, expert sales trainer and author.


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